Hourly Recruitment

Our hourly recruiters have access to tools and technology that your company may not supply to assist in sourcing top talent. Unlike a contract recruiter, our hourly recruiters do not need to be on a payroll, and you can adjust your service at any time.
We do not guarantee that hires will always work out. However, if a hire does not work out in the first 90 days, we will work to replace them.
Nope. Our hourly recruiters are flexible, on demand and you can try them out for as little as two weeks or keep them as long as you want.
Our monthly price depends on the type of services you require (e.g. sourcing or recruiting). For more information on pricing, feel free to reach out to us here.
We match the best recruiter or sourcer to your company regardless of their location. Our recruiters do work remotely, however, if you require onsite services, we can accommodate.

Contractual Hiring

No, we operate on a net 30 basis. You will get invoiced once per month and receive detailed reports. Invoices can be paid via direct deposit or credit card. We do not accept cheques currently.
We try to operate within a 15%-20% margin depending on the role, contract length, location, and the talent you require.
If you work with a contractor we placed for 6 months or more, we will not charge you a permanent placement fee.
Our contractors get paid weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on their needs.
Yes. However, the laws and regulations around hiring contractors can make things a bit difficult on occasion depending on where you are. If you require onsite services, we can work to arrange it.
Nope. However, our competitive pricing is built for excusive contracts only.
We are a data driven company and supply progress reports, recruiting analytics, invoice reporting and time-cards.

Permanent Placement

Typically, we charge between 15%-20%. However, if you have more than one role, we would be happy to accommodate.
Yes! If you require a role that needs to be confidential, you can trust in our team to handle the search.
Yes. Our recruitment team will take the time to understand the company’s commission structure, sales methodology, if you need a hunter or a farmer, and can also focus on diversity.
You are invoiced 30 days from the start date of your newest team member.

Why is Jibio Different?

We believe it is important for technical recruiters to ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND technology. Unlike most staffing agencies we have an inhouse training and development program along with tech mentorship empowering our recruiters to dig deep, connect the dots and even learn how to code!
Our internal recruitment process focuses on finding recruiters that have a passion for technology, believe in recruiting being a Human business, and do not spam candidates with jobs that do not match their skillset.
We are founded by tech professionals who have a long history working in the Microsoft ecosystem. We also focus on the tech start up world building the right teams for the right products at the right time.
Over the years we have had many recruiters reach out to us for the wrong roles that did not match our skillset. We noticed a lack of technical understanding among recruiters when teaching them how to do technical recruiting. This is why we decided to create Jibio.
For more information about our affiliate program go here.
We do make exceptions. If you require this service, please get in touch.

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