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Digital transformation is changing how companies are hiring, training and developing technical skills across their organization.

We work with Microsoft Partners around the globe and we are co-founded by Microsoft Consultants ourselves. We deliver exceptional talent so you can focus on delivering products and services to improve your client’s operations.

How We Help

We focus on the importance of hiring the talent that can provide the right skills, certifications, and experience you are looking for in your key roles in the following areas:

Our team will help craft your game plan to build a robust, agile focused team of Microsoft Consultants by:

• Attracting candidates by showcasing your company culture, diversity and inclusion, leadership, best practices, and career growth.

• Identifying skill gaps in your current employee roster and adding new diverse skills.

• Focusing on both hard skills and soft skills and using consultant based interviewing guidelines to find true consultants to help your business grow.

Did You Know..

The skills that are most in demand for these job roles naturally veer towards big data, machine learning and date science.

In addition to technical roles we also provide recruiting services for the following areas:

  • Leadership Roles
  • Sales Roles
  • Marketing Roles
  • HR and Operations
  • Change Management
  • Product Ownership
  • Project Management

Did You Know..

By 2021, enterprise apps will shift toward hyper-agile architectures, with 80% of application development on cloud platforms (PaaS) using microservices and cloud functions, and over 95% of new microservices deployed in containers.

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