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Industry recognized online technical training for recruiters is not widely offered. If you are looking to receive the right, up-to-date training whether you are looking for a new career or you are looking to expand, connect the dots, dig deeper, higher faster and impress hiring mangers, then we have the courses for you.

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Online Training

Our self-directed online training courses allow you to upgrade your skills or discover a new career path, all at your own pace.

Instructor-led Training

Our instructor-led training courses allow students to attend a live class taught by a subject matter expert they can interact with. These sessions take place at a specific time and are delivered online.

Inhouse Training

Our in-house training program is for companies that hire frequently, employ full-time and contractual staff, and have a unique challenge to train their internal HR operation team on how to recruit.

Course Categories

Non Technical

Become a Recruiter - Certificate Course # 101

Become a Recruiter

This course offers essential knowledge on how to attract and hire the best candidates to meet your organization’s needs. You will embark on all aspects of recruiting, including branding for employers, sourcing talent, filling niche roles, and more.
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Sourcing - Certificate Course # 102

Sourcing Technical Talent

Recruiting begins with knowing where to find or “source” the best possible candidates. Learn the meaning of talent sourcing and how to create and implement a winning sourcing strategy.

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Acquisition - Certificate Course # 103

Talent Acquisition Strategies

This is a foundational course for HR practitioners who are involved in talent acquisition. If you are a generalist, business partner, or new in the field of talent acquisition, this course is for you.
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Data Warehousing - Certificate Course # 104

Data Warehousing

Ever wonder where all your data goes? Interested in understanding the makeup of a Data Warehouse team? This course will outline the roles needed and the technology base behind data projects.

AI / Data Science & ML - Certificate Course # 105

Artificial Intelligence / Data Science & ML

Artificial intelligence is not here to replace us. It augments our abilities and makes us better at what we do. In this course you will find out how your clients can be more productive with AI and the types of candidate roles needs on tomorrow’s AI projects.
Cloud Engineering - Certificate Course # 106

Cloud Engineering

The Cloud Engineering courses teaches you about cloud architecture, services, hosting, and the people that make your clients successful. Differentiate yourself in the recruiting industry, by learning how your clients leverage the Cloud.

Software Languages - Certificate Course # 107

Software Languages Breakout

There are so many programming languages, ever wonder why? Do some of them have benefits that others do not? In this course you will find out why some clients, developers and even problems suit themselves toward specific programming languages. By learning the ins and outs of why specific languages exist, you can bring the right candidates to the right clients.
Containers - Certificate Course # 108

What are Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)?

Containers let you pack more computing workloads onto a single server, and let you rev up capacity for new computing jobs in a split second. This course will describe the need for containers in cloud computing in easy to understand terms. Speaking to clients about containers, as well as the candidates who can deliver results, will provide that technical edge every recruiter needs!
IoT - Certificate Course # 109

What is IoT?

The internet of Things, or “IoT” for short, is about extending the power of the internet beyond computers and smartphones to a whole range of other things, processes, and environments. In this course, you will understand why IoT is important and how it will change the face of the every company’s bottom line. Being able to relate the technology to a client’s problem will set you apart!